Our Process:
Our staff offers a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to the management
of acute, chronic and cancer pain. Your needs are our priority, and we will do our utmost to serve you in an efficient and professional manner.  In some cases,
surgery can be avoided. In other cases, persistent pain after surgery can be

The staff at np3 offers conventional treatment with oral medications
as well as the following:

Epidural steroid injections:
An epidural steroid injection involves bathing an inflamed nerve root in steroids
(potent anti-inflammation medicine) in order to decrease irritation of the nerve root
causing the pain.

Facet Injections:
Aging, normal wear and tear, athletics, and arthritis all cause problems with the facet
joints. It is designed to decrease inflammation in the joint and thus, reduce pain.

Radiofrequency Denervation:
Radiofrequency Denervation can effectively treat low back and neck pain emanating
from painful facet joints unresponsive to steroid injections.

Sympathetic blocks:
Sympathetic Blocks are performed to block the sympathetic nerves that go to the arm
or leg on the same side as the injection. This may in turn reduce pain, swelling, and
may improve mobility.

Intrathecal Drug Delivery:
Intrathecal drug delivery can provide significant pain control with a fraction of the
dose that would be required with pills. It is very useful for cancer patients and
chronic non operable low back
pain patients.

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